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As one of South Africa’s top and renowned Professional Photographers, Ian Cooper provides a range of photographic services, including Wedding Photography, a range of beautiful Wedding Albums and Wildlife Photography Workshops. The evident expertise that Ian holds enables him to create his artwork in different situations and photographic styles and given types, especially Fine Art Photography which yields the most beautiful creative images including Night Photography at your wedding. Taking into consideration his clientele’s specific needs, Ian is best known to deliver beyond expectations within the industry. Ian is a highly recommended photographer Nationally and has abundantly been able to grow his brand on an International landscape.


Ian is a reputable photographer who has been contracted by companies in different industries, to both educate / facilitate in workshops and shoot / capture; which amongst them is: wildlife photography workshops, product and architecture photography, events and travel photography, only to mention a few.  His International travel destinations include the UAE, Italy, Mozambique, Zambia and Botswana, as well as all over South Africa capturing Weddings, Travel and Wildlife assignments. Ian offers some of the most sensational and creative Wedding and Event Photography services money can offer.


What people have said?

- Adelle and Gideon

"Ian Cooper is a talented, professional, brilliant, creative photographer. We chose him because of his combined passion for bridal and nature photography (our wedding was a beach wedding in Vilanculos, Mozambique). His attitude was great throughout the whole weekend, the guests loved him and he made everybody feel so comfortable which resulted in stunning photos. He is extremely passionate about photography and it definitely shows in his photos."

- Eleizette and Christian

"Ian Cooper Photography is an absolute professional. His creativity was amazing! He went to great lengths for us to have unique and outstanding photos that we will cherish forever! Two Thumbs Up!"

- Lacey and Wayne

"We loved Ian when we first met him at the Wedding Expo. A few weeks later, we saw him at a venue that we were looking at, and from that moment, we knew it was meant to be. We chose Ian and we have no regrets. He arrived on the day and we were and are very happy with our selection!"

- Christel and Andrew

"Ian has been amazing - from our first meeting to delivering our final product. He is extremely professional and guided us the whole way - making sure that the 'real us' was portrayed. What really impressed us (over-and-above the stunning photos) was his ability to 'capture the moment'. There was so many out of the ordinary photos - photos that captured the true feelings of, not only Andrew and mine but our friends and family as well. It was not just a pose - like '1,2,3... smile' photo. Ian is a true artist and has a gift which is not easily mirrored by any other photographer. He ensured that we had mahical memories of our special day - og - and I just cannot omit to say - he has a wonderful personality. Quality leanrs the names of all and makes the whole experience even more special. Ian is definitely our top supplier - from the pre-wedding photos and meetings to receiving our final products. Thanks Ian!! "

- Deanne and Peter

"Ian Cooper Photographer was professional, fun and efficient and our album looks incredible"

- Elize & Gideon

"I mailed 'anonymous' work of my top 5 chosen photographers to my bridal party, to let them help me decide who i should use as my wedding photographer. All five of them chose Ian Coopers work, and he was my nr 1 choice as well. I met with my flower & decor supplier one morning and bumped into Ian by accident - quite funny since I mailed him the morning before I left to book him for our wedding of the 16th of November 2012. Since the moment I met him, he was nothing but accommodating, professional and quick to respond with any information, admin or other detail I might need. I knew then already I didnt have to lose any sleep over a photogrpaher that didnt know what he was doing. We love Ian's work, and think he is not only talented, but a very good project manager who has everything under control . On top of that he is creative with the shots he take, and pleasant to have around on your wedding day. It has been our provileged to work with someone of his calibre and would gladly recommend him to anyone. We would like to thank him from the bottom of our hearts on capturing our special moments and keeping the memory alive!!"

- Joanita and John

"Ian is an excellent photographer and he made the day very special"

- Lyapa and Daniel

"Awesome photographs"

- Marion and Mark

"Very patient and enthusiastic!"

- Shahzaadee and Danyal

"Well, out of the three photographers I've used in the past few years, Ian is the best one of the lot, so i think it is fair to list him as the Top Supplier here. He was great to us on the day while still being firm enough with other people taking photos around him and possibly getting in the way of his shots. But he was never rude to us and never made himself a problem for me on my big wedding day. he took some of the best shots I've seen and organised us at the locations we needed to be to get these shots. I'll definitely use him again or recommend him to anyone else needing a professional photograher."

- Xanthe and Sam

"His work is excellent!"

- Ursula & Kevin

"Ian went above and beyond as our photographer. Not only is he incredibly talented, but so down to earth and so much fun to be with. He came away with us to the North Coast for a post wedding shoot and it was a pleasure to spend time with him and had so much fun with all the wonderful shoots which he planned for us. I would recommend Ian as the best supplier that i had the pleasure of dealing with on our wedding day."

- Bryan & Kerry Kruuse

Like most married couples, we can honestly say that our wedding day was by far the most special day for both of us to date. We have said, time and time again, that there is absolutely nothing we would change. There were so many wonderful aspects to our big day but one sticks out for us in the professionalism of our photographer, Ian Cooper. We arranged our wedding day within 6 months but remember being worried about finding the right person to capture all the important moments. I met with many photographers & very fortunately came across Ian Cooper Photography before we made our decision. We signed up and booked Ian immediately, and we haven't looked back. Although most will try cut costs wherever they can as weddings are expensive events, our best advice in NOT to do so when it comes to your photography. We felt that Ian offered us the most for our money, too! The day arrived and Ian guided us through the entire day. He “worked the crowd” well and captured what we wanted and expected. So many guests made positive comments about Ian and since receiving the images and albums have been, like us, so very impressed. Our images are so beautiful & the best part is that they will last forever. The day may have come & gone but at least we have cemented our memories in these beautiful images and albums forever, that are now so precious to us! Ian was with us for our pre-wedding shoot in Newtown as well as our post-wedding shoot in the Wilderness. We have stunning albums for each event and are so glad to have the complete package now to display in our home & keep in our family. It was worth every cent! Ian, thank you so so much for being on this journey with us. You are a true professional & we couldn’t be more thrilled with our images & albums. Thanks for all your advice and guidance. With love,

- Donovan & Nadia

"Nadia & I were both a Groomsmen & Bridesmaid at my brother's wedding a few years ago. Ian was contracted for this wedding and when we met him & witnessed his work ethic & professionalism we had no hesitation in hiring him for our wedding at Memoire. The photographs of our wedding day truly capture the highlights and emotions of the day. This is down to Ian being extremely attentive and having a great sense of humour so no shot is too weird or awkward for him. You may not understand the method in his madness until you see the final photograph. His creative lighting pictures used to frame the album are perfectly selected to make everything blend".

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Chartwell, Fourways, Johannesburg, South Africa